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Norris Church Mailer 1949-2010

Norris Church Mailer in 2009

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Norris Church Mailer, widow of Norman Mailer, who died November 21, 2010, after a long and valiant struggle with cancer. Norris was many things to many people. She was an unusually gifted and talented writer, an insightful observer of the human condition, both as novelist and memoirist. She was an acclaimed professional painter and illustrator, as well as a teacher in her native Arkansas and then a beautiful fashion model in New York. She was the pilgrim soul who captured and won Norman’s heart and mind and who shared with him the last three decades of his life. She was a loving mother and adored stepmother, the glue that held together the eclectic Mailer clan. And she was a good, passionate and generous friend for so many of us who came to know, admire and love her.
I know I speak for everyone in the Norman Mailer society in saying that our hearts go out to all of her family and friends for this irreplaceable loss. We will always carry with us her grace, courage, humor and love.
Mark Olshaker,
President, The Norman Mailer Society
[box type=”note”]Details on memorial services will be posted when the family has finalized plans.[/box]
Norris Church Mailer

Norris and Norman, 1977

Norris Church Mailer