Preview: The Review 2011

I am pleased to inform you that we are well along in preparing the 2011 issue. We will feature memorial tributes to Norris Church Mailer, who tragically passed away in November of 2010. Norris was a stalwart supporter of the Review, and she will always be in our thoughts and pages.

The forthcoming issue will also include a significant number of poignant, moving essays related to the work of Norman Mailer, other relevant literary figures, and a work of fiction by Karen Brown, author of “The Living Room Show.” Ms. Brown is a widely acclaimed writer who was awarded The Grace Paley Prize for Short Fiction, and whose work appeared in Best American Short Stories 2008.

A selected list of 2011 articles include the following: “Norman Mailer’s Utilization of Marilyn Monroe” (Mimi Gladstein), “Norman Mailer and the Beats” (Raj Chandarlapaty), “Mailer at the Movies” (Sara Jo Cohen),  “Reinventing a New Wheel: The Films of Norman Mailer” (Gary Rhodes), “Reading and Wreaking Vengeance in The Castle in the Forest” (Fannie Peczenik),  “Norman Mailer and the Novel 2.0″ (Gerald Lucas), “Situating Hemingway: Mailer, Style, Ethics” (Lee Spinks), “Norman Mailer’s Left Conservatism” (Alexandros Mantzaris), “Mythmaking in ‘The White Negro’” (Martjin Sermeus), and much more. Our four previous issues have been met with widespread critical acclaim and I am hopeful that the forthcoming volume will generate a similar response.

  • Carol Rae Bradford

    i just love the Mailers and wish I could attend. If there are events at the Provincetown former home of the Mailers, do let me know. I had been looking for a memorial of Norris there, but guess it was limited to New York.

    Carol Rae Bradford

  • Rchandar

    I am so looking forward to this. I like the style of a tribute issue, and have enjoyed reading along.

  • Jmdalziel

    Is it available to order yet?
                                               John Dalziel

  • G. R. Lucas

    Very soon. Probably in Jan 2112. We'll announce its availability here.

  • Jmdalziel

    2112? By which time we will know if NM's reincarnation theories are correct.

  • G. R. Lucas

    Oh, oops. Yes, it will definitely be out by 2112 — maybe even by 2012…

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