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Mailer’s Almost Profile of Obama

Dwayne Raymond today recounts the time Esquire offered Norman Mailer the opportunity to travel briefly with Barack Obama. His article “When Mailer Almost Profiled Obama” appears in The Huffington Post and gives a bit of insight into how Mailer felt about our next president. Raymond writes: I said to Norman that I thought Obama might […]

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Mailer on Marriage

Dwayne Raymond mentions Norman Mailer’s opinion on (gay) marriage in his Huffington Post article “Marriage, Money, and LDS Possibilities“: My dear departed and very heterosexual friend Norman Mailer (six marriages — all to females) once called marriage an excrementitious union. Ruthless, yes, but spot on. Personally, I believe everyone has the right to screw up […]

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A Final Report from Mailer’s Desk

Also in the Brooklyn Eagle today is Dwayne Raymond’s article “A Final Report from Mailer’s Desk.” His remembrance of Norman Mailer is told from Mailer’s study in his Provincetown house, giving insights into his writing practices, the significance of the decor, and his composition of The Castle in the Forest. As the editorial assistant to […]

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Voting with Mailer

In an article in The Huffington Post, writer Dwayne Raymond remembers voting in the 2004 presidential election with Norman Mailer in Provincetown. In “On Voting with Norman Mailer,” Raymond remembers the respect that America and the his local community had for Mailer’s political acumen, even if they didn’t share his views: “Norman was loyal and […]

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