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The Mailer Files 3: Who Killed Marilyn?

Joe Stephens is back with his latest installment of the Mailer Files — the recently public paper trail of Hoover’s 15-year investigation of Norman Mailer — in The Washington Post. This week it’s “Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?” No, it wasn’t NM. Stephens quotes an FBI memo: “Mailer suggests that ‘right-wing’ FBI and CIA Agents had […]

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“Obscene and Bitter,” Says FBI

Following on the coattails of the FBI’s fifteen-year investigation of Norman Mailer comes their literary critique of his work. With a follow-up story to their report on Hoover’s interest in Mailer, the Washington Post‘s Joe Stephens offers more insight into just what the FBI found out. This week, the FBI’s literary critic described Mailer’s Miami […]

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The Mailer Files, Part 2

I blogged last week about the FBI’s fifteen-year investigation of Norman Mailer, and this morning, The Telegraph continues the story about the notoriously paranoid J. Edgar Hoover’s monitoring of Mr. Mailer. In 1962, Hoover called for a memo on Mailer: The FBI’s first Mailer memo, dated June 29 1962, contained enough incriminatory material to fuel […]

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The Mailer Files

The Washington Post has an article today featuring J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI file on Norman Mailer. Apparently, Mailer wrote an article in Esquire that mocked Jacqueline Kennedy, making Hoover suspicious. The result was an on-going inimical relationship between the government agency and Mr. Mailer: Over the next 15 years, FBI agents closely tracked the grand […]

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