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What would NM Think about the Tea Party?

Scott Martelle writes in Esquire magazine: For the better part of 60 years, writer Norman Mailer was at the center of just about every intellectual brawl that found a public spotlight. War (against), feminism (ditto), literature (emphatically for), birth control (oddly against), the sexual revolution — well, with six marriages and nine children, he formed his own […]

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Review Excerpt 1

The following is an excerpt of J. Michael Lennon’s conversation with Lawrence Schiller in The Mailer Review, Volume 3. This is the first of several features we will be posting from the latest volume of the Review. Check back often for the newest installment.

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Lennon on Books Podcast

The New York Review of Books just published a recent Podcast interview with J. Michael Lennon about Mailer’s letters. In the way of an introduction, they write: J. Michael Lennon, who is at work on an authorized biography of Norman Mailer, speaks with Sasha Weiss about Mailer’s letters and what they reveal about his ambitions, […]

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NM on Charlie Rose

I posted a new link on the lower right of the front page to Charlie Rose’s web site. It shows all the interviews that he has had with Norman Mailer. The hours worth of video span over 10 years, from 1995 to 2008, including a memorial for those who died in 2007.

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