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Why Mailer Matters: Three Reasons

Mailer was the most important public intellectual in the American literary world for over 30 years, and along with other figures such as William Buckley, Saul Bellow, Gore Vidal and Susan Sontag, helped establish the creative writer as important a commentator as politicians, pundits and professors.

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Mike Lennon to the TLS

I don’t wish to prolong the discussion about Norman Mailer’s wartime experience, but as his authorized biographer (forthcoming, Simon and Schuster), I believe I can clarify Clive James’s comments on the matter in his recent letter (July 16). During the last year of the Pacific war, Mailer served in several capacities in the 112th Regimental […]

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Review Excerpt 1

The following is an excerpt of J. Michael Lennon’s conversation with Lawrence Schiller in The Mailer Review, Volume 3. This is the first of several features we will be posting from the latest volume of the Review. Check back often for the newest installment.

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Lennon on Books Podcast

The New York Review of Books just published a recent Podcast interview with J. Michael Lennon about Mailer’s letters. In the way of an introduction, they write: J. Michael Lennon, who is at work on an authorized biography of Norman Mailer, speaks with Sasha Weiss about Mailer’s letters and what they reveal about his ambitions, […]

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The January 2009 issue of Playboy contains 27 previously unpublished Mailer letters, focusing mainly on film, actors and celebrity.  Some of the recipients are Marlon Brando, Lillian Ross, James Baldwin, Truman Capote, Gordon Lish, Henry Miller, Jimmy Breslin, Jack Abbott and Gore Vidal.  The letters were edited by J.  Michael Lennon. An additional selection of […]

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Conference 2008 Wrap-Up

First, I must thank all those who worked to make the 2008 conference one of our best.  Program Chair Phil Sipiora and co-chair Deb Martinson put together a marvelous program.  It was highlighted by a full day of tributes to Norman Mailer at the Provincetown Theater, the spirited Begiebing-Bufithis dialogue, and the films assembled by […]

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