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Matthew Barney Brings Ancient Evenings to Life

Drifting this week down the East River, against the clamor of boats at work on the waterway, is a surreal sight: a barge outfitted with a mysterious replica of Norman Mailer’s New York home. The structure stands nearly four stories tall, maintains a sculptured state that took more than three weeks to assemble and requires […]

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John Buffalo

John Buffalo Mailer has been featured around the ‘Net. Here are a couple: He is regularly featured on Big Think. In his latest snippet, he discusses preparing for his role in Wall Street 2. He is interviewed in the Huffington Post about his new book in “John Buffalo Mailer Talks New Orleans Through The Eyes […]

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John Buffalo Mailer Runs With the Bulls For Wall Street 2

John Buffalo Mailer, the pouty-lipped 31-year-old son of Norman and Norris Church Mailer, has mainly been a theater actor and playwright. (Hello Herman, which he wrote in college, recently underwent a revival in Los Angeles, with Sawyer Spielberg, son of Steven, playing the lead.) But recently, Mr. Mailer finished filming for Wall Street 2, the […]

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Summer of ’69

In The American Conservative, John Buffalo Mailer recounts how Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin, two non-professional politicians, tried to liberate NYC with their 1969 mayoral campaign: they squared off in the 1969 Democratic primary against four standard-issue liberals. (Pop quipped of one, “I can’t get a grasp on a mind this small.” His campaign manager, […]

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John Buffalo Interviewed in the Daily Eagle

Brad Lockwood, of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, sits down with John Buffalo Mailer for a chat. In “John Buffalo Mailer: A Brooklyn Jew with Cowboys in Arkansas,” John Buffalo discusses his experience as editor at High Times, his own writing, and his relationship with his father: I try to focus on the work and not […]

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