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Marilyn & Me

Marilyn & Me is an intimate story of a legend before her fall and a young photographer on his way to the top. The year was 1962, and Lawrence Schiller, 25, was on assignment for Paris Match magazine. . .

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Russian Spy

Lawrence Schiller writes: When I mention that I am here collaborating on a project with the American writer Norman Mailer, his face lights up. “Mailer!” he exclaims. “He is even in our KGB encyclopedia! This is a man who writes what he believes!” It doesn’t take much effort to get him to tell us the […]

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Eyewitness to the Firing Squad

As a Utah man elects to be executed in a hail of gunfire, Lawrence Schiller recalls his last talks with condemned man Gary Gilmore and what he witnessed as Gilmore chose to die by firing squad. Read the full article on The Daily Beast.

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Review Excerpt 1

The following is an excerpt of J. Michael Lennon’s conversation with Lawrence Schiller in The Mailer Review, Volume 3. This is the first of several features we will be posting from the latest volume of the Review. Check back often for the newest installment.

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Keeping the Mailer Spirit Alive

In today’s Publishers Weekly, Edward Nawotka discusses the legacy of Norman Mailer and Larry Schiller’s mission to keep it alive. “Keeping the Mailer Spirit Alive” looks at Schiller’s efforts in this area: launching the Norman Mailer Writing Awards, organizing the Norman Mailer Writers Colony, and enticing publishers to reissue or repackage some of Mailer’s lesser known […]

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Mailer’s Final Gift

In The Daily Beast, Lawrence Schiller writes about Norman Mailer’s literacy legacy and the founding of the Norman Mailer Writers Colony at his home in Provincetown, MA. The article is as much about Mailer’s relationship with his friends and family and the house in Provincetown where they met in Mailer’s waning days as it is […]

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Larry Schiller Featured in the Times

Hillary Rose of the Times Online chats with Larry Schiller about his photography and his remarkable life experiences: He was taught needlepoint by Joanne Woodward and taken to the races by Jack Lemmon and Walther Matthau, who taught him how to bet. He sat in Marilyn Monroe’s T-Bird, drinking Dom Pérignon and watching as she […]

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NM Writers Colony

Today, the Cape Cod Times discusses the upcoming launch of the Norman Mailer Writers Colony in Provincetown, MA. The Director of the Colony’s Executive Board, Larry Schiller, comments: “The colony was one of Mailer’s dying wishes . . . And it’s the best way to preserve his legacy.” “All we can do is inspire people,” […]

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