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A Letter from the President

Dear Members of the Mailer Society, It is a good sign that folks are beginning to talk about membership and conference locations. If each of us would sign up one new member, some friend or colleague or neighbor who is interested in the life and work of our eponym, we would have no membership problems. […]

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From the NMS President

As many of you may know, John Buffalo Mailer has been waging a vigorous campaign to get the Village Voice, the publication his father helped found, to cease publishing sexually exploitive classified ads in, which the Voice owns. The response has been overwhelmingly favorable.

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Mike Lennon to the TLS

I don’t wish to prolong the discussion about Norman Mailer’s wartime experience, but as his authorized biographer (forthcoming, Simon and Schuster), I believe I can clarify Clive James’s comments on the matter in his recent letter (July 16). During the last year of the Pacific war, Mailer served in several capacities in the 112th Regimental […]

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Membership Letter, Spring 2010

Dear Mailerians! Here we are entering the 8th year of The Norman Mailer Society. We proudly celebrate the success of seven outstanding conferences and three stellar issues of The Mailer Review. We could not have accomplished this without your support and the guidance of the Executive Board of The Norman Mailer Society. It is with […]

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I mean: Wasn’t there anyone around to give you the lecture on Cuba? Don’t you sense the enormity of your mistake – you invade a country without understanding its music. The Village Voice is running an excerpt everyday from their archives, and today’s “An Open Letter to JFK” is by Norman Mailer.

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Conference 2008 Wrap-Up

First, I must thank all those who worked to make the 2008 conference one of our best.  Program Chair Phil Sipiora and co-chair Deb Martinson put together a marvelous program.  It was highlighted by a full day of tributes to Norman Mailer at the Provincetown Theater, the spirited Begiebing-Bufithis dialogue, and the films assembled by […]

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A Letter from the President

Dear Charter Members, I write to forward the Minutes of our first meeting in Brooklyn on November 1st and to bring you up to date on recent developments and future meeting plans. But first I must say that the inauguralmeeting, attended by approximately 80 members, was a success. The business meeting was followed by three […]

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