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Mailer on Jungle Warfare

Today, the Guardian has reprinted an excerpt from The Naked and the Dead that paints a graphic picture of the realities of jungle warfare: Hennessey froze his body. If I don’t move, I won’t get dirtier, he thought. He remembered Red and Wilson talking about “keeping a tight asshole”, and now he understood what they meant. […]

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Letters on Writing

Today, the Guardian published a selection of Norman Mailer’s letters with notes provided by Mike Lennon.They write: The first letter was written to his parents when Mailer was still in the army and working on The Naked and the Dead. The second was written to his editor at Little, Brown while he was revising the […]

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Castle Wins Sex Prize

From The Guardian: When it comes to truly deplorable writing, not even death, it seems, lets you off the hook. This year’s Literary Review Bad Sex in Fiction award has gone to the late Norman Mailer for a description of oral sex in his final novel, The Castle in the Forest, in which a male […]

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