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Mr. Mailer Receives Hadada Award

On April 23, 2007, Mr. Mailer received the Hadada Award from The Paris Review in a New York ceremony. Novelist E.L. Doctorow, a longtime friend of Mr. Mailer’s, and his editor for An American Dream (1965), presented the award, which was created by the late editor of the Review, George Plimpton. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the “Salute” to Mr. Mailer, who was interviewed as part of the event by Review editor, Philip Gourevitch. The interview will be published in the Review, the first time a writer has had two interviews published there. Mr. Mailer’s interview with Steven Marcus appeared in the winter-spring 1964 number, reprinted in Conversations with Norman Mailer (1988), edited by J. Michael Lennon.