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The Guest from Hell

Savoring Norman Mailer’s legendary appearance on The Dick Cavett Show.
By Troy Patterson for Slate
What’s your take on Cassavetes? Here’s mine: The filmmaker is one of three avant-gardists who readied America for reality television and the cult of pop personality, and his highly wrought psychodramas are an essential template for every loosely scripted, boozily delivered Real World screaming match. You will surely agree that one of his co-forefathers is Andy Warhol, whose Screen Tests made one giant leap for voyeurism and whose Sleep perfected the art of nothing happening. Do you need convincing that the other is Norman Mailer? If so, catch the tail end of The Mistress and the Muse: The Films of Norman Mailer, a film and video retrospective running in New York through Aug. 9. Among its raw pleasures, the series documents how Mailer’s quest to become the King of All Novelists—the man with the biggest books, the tallest platform, and the manliest existential pain—led him to play jack, joker, and knave in many a medium.
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