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Post Conference Updates

On God: An Uncommon Conversation, Mr. Mailer’s latest book, was published by Random House on October 16, 2007. Excerpts appeared in the October 15, 2007 issue of New York magazine. Additional excerpts will appear in the December Playboy magazine. Copies of the new book can be ordered via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The ISBN number for the 213-page book is 978-1-4000-6732-9. The price is $26.95.
Copies of the inaugural issue of The Mailer Review may be purchased for $20. To subscribe, send a check made out to Mailer Review Services to

The Mailer Review Services
3132 Bordeaux Lane
Clearwater, FL 33759.

A two year-subscription (one issue per year) is $37. The first issue contains an excerpt from Mr. Mailer’s unpublished 1942 play, “The Naked and the Dead”; sixteen of his letters from the 1950s; William Kennedy’s address to the 2006 Mailer Society conference; reviews of The Castle in the Forest by Robert Begiebing, Barbara Probst Solomon, Christopher Ricks and Philip Sipiora; reproductions of a number of Mailer items from the collection of the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas-Austin; a memoir by Mr. Mailer’s sister, Barbara Wasserman; an interview by Jeffrey Severs with Mailer’s long-time collaborator, Lawrence Schiller; an excerpt from the unfinished biography of Mailer by the late Robert F. Lucid; several critical essays and a lengthy bibliography. It is 272 pages in length and contains several photographs.
The 2006 Mailer Society conference was held in Provincetown, October 11-14. Over 100 Society members attended and there were over 30 individual presentations by scholars from over a dozen states, England, Ireland and Austria. Among the highlights were the unveiling of the inaugural issue of The Mailer Review by its editor, Phillip Sipiora; the keynote address by Lee Siegel, senior editor at The New Republic; a walking tour of Provincetown led by the editor of Provincetown Arts, Christopher Busa; a performance of Mr. Mailer’s one-act play, “Earl and Lyndon,” with Ed Setrakian and Sam Coppola in the roles of Chief Justice Earl Warren and President Lyndon Johnson, respectively; a series of dramatic readings from Mr. Mailer’s novels by the faculty and students of the Wilkes University graduate creative writing program (directed by Bonnie Culver); and a reception at the Berta Walker Gallery where art works by Norris Church Mailer, Danielle Mailer, Maggie Mailer and Norman Mailer were on display. A leather-bound copy of the inaugural issue of The Mailer Review was raffled off and won by Sabrina McLaughlin, a graduate student at SUNY-Binghamton.
Four new members were elected to the Society Board: Carol Holmes, Gerald Lucas, Mark Olshaker and Marc Triplett, who was elected as Society Secretary. J. Michael Lennon was re-elected as President, Barry H. Leeds as Vice President and David Light as Treasurer. The Society voted to return to Provincetown in 2008 for its sixth annual conference. The membership also voted enthusiastically to send best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr. Mailer.