Norman Mailer

From the Editor of the Review

We are deeply saddened at the passing of Norman Mailer, a literary, cultural, and intellectual giant. Mr. Mailer was the last of the great American writers whose roots go back to military service in World War II. Mr. Mailer was a persona of staggering proportions, dazzling the world with his wide-ranging literary work transcending many genres, challenging admirers and adversaries with his powerful intellect and gift for language, and inspiring a new generation of writers by his fearless commitment to explore evolving modes of humanist expression, some of which he helped invent, like creative non-fiction. What I will most remember about Mr. Mailer is his character. He was a gracious gentleman, loyal to so many friends and associates and understanding of so many more. Norman Mailer’s substance, stature, and style established his strategic place in American culture.
–Phillip Sipiora