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The Mailer Files

The Washington Post has an article today featuring J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI file on Norman Mailer. Apparently, Mailer wrote an article in Esquire that mocked Jacqueline Kennedy, making Hoover suspicious. The result was an on-going inimical relationship between the government agency and Mr. Mailer:

Over the next 15 years, FBI agents closely tracked the grand and mundane aspects of the acclaimed novelist’s life, according to previously confidential government files. Agents questioned his friends, scoured his passport file, thumbed through his best-selling books and circulated his photo among informants. They kept records on his appearances at writers’ conferences, talk shows and peace rallies. They noted the volume of envelopes in his mailbox and jotted down who received his Christmas cards. They posed as his friend, chatted with his father and more than once knocked on his door disguised as deliverymen.