John Buffalo Interviewed in the Daily Eagle

Brad Lockwood, of The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, sits down with John Buffalo Mailer for a chat. In “John Buffalo Mailer: A Brooklyn Jew with Cowboys in Arkansas,” John Buffalo discusses his experience as editor at High Times, his own writing, and his relationship with his father:

I try to focus on the work and not think about that any more than is psychologically necessary for my balance of mind. I’m incredibly proud of the legacy I come from—he’s half of me and there is no one in the world I would trade fathers with. No one. But being Norman Mailer’s son also forces you to step it up if you want to try to make a career in the arts. Aside from raised expectations, some justified, others not, one is left with the feeling that to publish or perform a piece that is not at a certain level of artistic integrity would be doing a disservice to the legacy. My hope is that I am never placed in a position of having to put work out there that I do not believe is up to that level. So, in that way, it keeps you honest.