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The Mailer Files 3: Who Killed Marilyn?

Joe Stephens is back with his latest installment of the Mailer Files — the recently public paper trail of Hoover’s 15-year investigation of Norman Mailer — in The Washington Post. This week it’s “Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?” No, it wasn’t NM. Stephens quotes an FBI memo:

“Mailer suggests that ‘right-wing’ FBI and CIA Agents had a ‘huge motivation’ to murder Marilyn Monroe in order to embarrass the Kennedy family, . . . Mailer is an eccentric but well-known author. . . . He states his motive in writing the book is his dire need for money. The Bureau may desire to explore what avenues might possibly be utilized which would result in the allegation being removed from Mailer’s book.”

Still, they had nothing on Mailer. Again, Stephens includes a facsimile of Mailer/Monroe memos.