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Mailer’s Final Gift

In The Daily Beast, Lawrence Schiller writes about Norman Mailer’s literacy legacy and the founding of the Norman Mailer Writers Colony at his home in Provincetown, MA. The article is as much about Mailer’s relationship with his friends and family and the house in Provincetown where they met in Mailer’s waning days as it is about the genesis of the Writers Colony. Schiller writes: 

They had begun coming here together in 1983, and had spent the great majority of their time in Ptown since the early 1990s. In the summers, the house would fill up with their kids, his sister’s family, their grandchildren, in-laws, and many friends. It was in this house that Norman had written great chunks of his 30 books. The house had become part of the town’s cultural heritage. Norman often said that Provincetown had become for him what Key West and Cuba were for Hemingway.
In some ways, at that moment the Norman Mailer Writers Colony was conceived. There was no concrete thought yet of a writers’ colony. It just became clear that this house, which fronted the beach and tasted the waters of the Atlantic, would continue to have a life after Norman.

For more information about The Norman Mailer Writers Colony, visit the web site.