Mailer & the Harvard Film Archive

In October 2008, The Norman Mailer Estate donated their film holdings to the Harvard Film Archive in Cambridge, MA. Comprising of over fifty boxes of material, including the original negatives and outtakes from Mailer’s films Wild 90 (1967), Beyond the Law (1968), and Maidstone (1971), the collection is currently being cataloged and prepared for future preservation by film programmer Michael Chaiken and HFA’s chief conservationist Liz Coffey. Discoveries include numerous scenes deleted from Maidstone and Beyond the Law in addition to the original sound reels from Wild 90. The “Norman Mailer Film and Media Collection” at the Harvard Film Archive will be made available to scholars and researchers beginning in fall 2009.
The following selection of images were scanned from original workprint of Norman Mailer’s Maidstone:

  1. Mailer filming with a Canon Scoopic 16mm camera
  2. Deleted scene. Rip Torn and Norman Mailer in Alfonso Ossorio’s art room. Cinematographer: Ricky Leacock
  3. Raoul Rey (Torn) and Norman T. Kingsley (Mailer) at “The Grand Assassination Ball.” Cinematographer: D.A. Pennebaker
  4. Jose Torres and Norman Mailer at “The Grand Assasssination Ball.” Cinematographer: D.A. Pennebaker