Mailer Symposium

The Great American Play Series
Stephan Morrow, Artistic Director
and The Nuyorican Poets Café present
A Symposium on Norman Mailer’s work in Film and Theater. “Did you love it or hate it? Norman would agree.”
Hosted by The Nuyorican Poets Café. 236 E.3rd St. N.Y.C. (btwn Ave. B &C). (212) 505-8183.
$7 admission
Wednesday Evening, Sept.23, 2009  from  6:30PM – 9 PM.
As we approach the second anniversary of the sad passing of Norman Mailer, one of the most important voices of the twentieth century, The Great American Play Series and The Nuyorican Poet’s Café are proud to present “A panel discussion on Norman Mailer’s work in film and on stage” Led by actor/director Stephan Morrow* and Daniel Gallant, Executive Director, Nuyorican Poets Cafe.
Panel Members : Norris Church Mailer, John Buffalo Mailer, Michael Chaiken – Mailer film archivist and moderator of The Lincoln Center Mailer Film Retrospective, Jonathan Rosenbaum – noted film critic of The Chicago Reader, Richard Stratton – producer, author and close friend of Mr. Mailer’s, are scheduled to appear. Others to be announced.
The discussion will attempt to assess how successful Mr. Mailer was in his efforts to reach a mass audience, or at least one that went beyond the intellectual elites of his books and why he felt the need to make the attempt.
Also, why the response to his work seemed to be so polarizing – between those who became Mailer partisans and passionately defended it and those who excoriated it. Finally, how his work in film and theater fits into the legacy of his work as a whole with a final section devoted to what the future holds for writers. The discussion will include a Q&A with the aim of creating an evening as free-wheeling and open as Norman Mailer himself would have liked, covering as many aspects of his work and life as time allows.
As might be appropriate for a discussion about Mr. Mailer – there will be a cash bar available to the audience during the evening.
As an actor, Stephan Morrow had the privilege to perform in three Mailer projects: Strawhead – a memory of Marilyn, Tough Guys Don’t Dance and act in and also direct The Deer Park – which led to his working closely with Mr. Mailer in the winter of his life on plans for a filmed version of the play. He had two excerpts from his soon to be completed memoir “The Unknown and the General – my life in the trenches with Norman Mailer on stage and screen” published in The Mailer Review one in 2008 and another in 2009.