The Review, Volume 3

One of the century’s greatest American authors – Norman Mailer – has entered the pantheon of great writers, leaving a legacy that will offer scholars, researchers and fans endless territory for exploration, conjecture and sparkling conversation – much like when Mailer was alive. The latest issue of The Mailer Review presents scholars, writers and critics who continue to examine the multi-talented and multi-faceted author’s relevance – some with the added benefit of either having known him or having access to those who did.

The Review’s standard features include classic interpretation, creative works, book reviews, and the annual bibliography of works related to Mailer.  Volume III takes a special look at Mailer’s nonfiction and film through the eyes of some of the nation’s top writers, critics and intellectuals:

  • Author and photographer Lawrence Schiller is interviewed by Mailer biographer J. Michael Lennon on the background of Oswald’s Tale: An American Mystery and writers Robert Stone, Mark Olshaker, and Wayne Worcester give their thoughts on Mailer’s 1995 work;
  • Critic, cultural historian and Distinguished Professor of English at the City University of New York Graduate Center, Morris Dickstein provides a memoir of Mailer;
  • Independent filmmaker and critic Michael Chaiken interviewed filmmakers Lana Jokel and Jan Welt on Maidstone, a film written and directed by Mailer, who also stars in the film;
  • Gary Rhodes weighs in along with Daniel Kramer who provides both a memoir and pictorial portrait of Maidstone.
  • Mailer’s book and film Tough Guys Don’t Dance have the attention of Telluride Film Festival co-founder and producer Tom Luddy and film critic and Oklahoma State University professor Hugh Manon;
  • Documentary filmmaker D. A. Pennebaker looks at Mailer the filmmaker;
  • Occidental College professor and author Deborah Martinson provides an analysis of the four Mailer biographies;
  • Pennsylvania State University professor and writer Linda Patterson Miller examines Mailer and art;
  • Author and professor (National University of Singapore) John Whalen-Bridge and writer Angela Oon consider the state of Mailer Studies.

“Norman Mailer’s work is so rich in variety and texture that there is more to discover with every rereading of his books and every viewing of his movies and plays,” said Review editor, Professor Phillip Sipiora. “This exciting double issue of over seven hundred pages provides an abundance of material for researchers and readers who simply love Mailer’s work.”

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