Literary Warriors

Masculinity, toughness, fantasy women, violence, war, boxing, guns – these are the themes that unite two of the 20th Century’s greatest writers, Norman Mailer and Ernest Hemingway.

The latest issue of The Mailer Review, Vol. 4, No. 1, a publication of the University of South Florida and the Norman Mailer Society, puts them on the same bill to provide lovers of Hemingway and Mailer a rich, varied and detailed exploration of the two authors’ connections.

Mailer was a Young Turk to Hemingway’s literary lion at the point when their paths first crossed. Though a generation apart, they each achieved fame at roughly the same age. The two celebrated writers never spoke face to face, but observed each other from a curious distance, catching a glimpse of each other, it is believed, only once at a party as Mailer’s star was rising. The place their lives intersected was in earning the distinction of changing the face of literature – in their respective halves of the century.

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