The Review: Upcoming in the 2013 Issue

I am pleased to inform you that we are well along in preparing the 2013 issue. The forthcoming issue will also include a significant number of poignant essays related to the work of Norman Mailer. We will also include reviews by James Toback and Gary D. Rhodes of Norman Mailer’s four films, recently released by Criterion. Further, we continue other standard sections of the Review such as Classic Interpretation, Creative Works, and the Annual Bibliography of books and articles related to Norman Mailer.

A selected list of forthcoming articles include “The Father and Son of American Realism: The Second Acts of Dreiser and Mailer “ (Jerome Loving), “Brooklyn Accents and the Paradox of Ambition in Norman Mailer and Arthur Miller” (Mark Noonan), “The Life of Norman Mailer: A Conversation with J. Michael Lennon,” “Mailer and Solzhenitsyn: Arbiters of History” (Victor Peppard), Genre and Dialogical Theory: Bakhtin and The Executioner’s Song,” (Joseph Comprone), “Writing from the Center and From the Periphery of the Culture: Norman Mailer and Don DeLillo” (Paul Regnier), “Cultural Rivals: Mailer, Fitzgerald, Lewis” (Donald L. Kaufmann), “Norman Mailer in China: Criticism and Translation” (Hujun Ren), “Into Darkness: Teaching Norman Mailer” (Gerald Lucas), “Mailer’s Boxing Journalism” (Ronald K. Fried), “Mailer’s Tough Guys: Novelist Invites His Characters to Dance” (Christopher Busa), “Dreams, Death and Bottle-Break: Modernist Ethnopoetics and the Beatnik Quest for Ascesis” (Raj Chandarlapaty), and “Prophesying the News: Norman Mailer’s Journalism,” (Carolyn Yalkut). Our six previous issues have been met with widespread critical acclaim and I am hopeful that the forthcoming volume will generate a similar response. The 2013 issue will be in the mail to you the week of October 14th.

Many of you have been exceptionally generous in supporting the Review. I am extremely grateful to you. As a non-profit, volunteer enterprise, we rely on support from the community of Mailer enthusiasts. I am hopeful that Board Members of The Norman Mailer Society will consider a donation at the Sponsor or above level and I hope that those of you who have not as yet been able to make a contribution will do so. The Mailer Review needs you for its very survival.

A donation of any size is most appreciated. There is ample time list your name on the Benefactors page of the forthcoming issue. All we need is an email indicating a forthcoming donation and the exact listing of your name (and, if preferred, the inclusion of a spouses’ name). I am hopeful you might recommend a donation from someone else who values the work and legacy of Norman Mailer. There are four categories of benefactors: Angel ($1,000 and above), Patron ($250-1,000), Sponsor ($100-$249), and Friend [less than $100].

Please make checks out to The Norman Mailer Society and send them to: David Light, Treasurer, The Norman Mailer Society, 75 Jennings Lane, Windham, CT 06280.

Thank you for your help in sustaining this important endeavor. I am very proud of the fact that the Review is in its seventh year of publication. We have survived—and prospered—because of your generous and unwavering support. We could not exist without you.

Sincerely yours,
Phillip Sipiora
Editor, The Mailer Review