On the heels of a very favorable review of the book in The New York Times, by Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter, who anointed it as “a glorious biography,” the USF community enjoyed a rare opportunity to meet Lennon. The author was hosted by the USF Department of English for a discussion and book-signing yesterday in the Marshall Student Center. This event was sponsored by the English Graduate Student Association. In his talk he focused on Mailer’s relationships with Muhammad Ali and John F. Kennedy, both of whom he wrote about extensively and memorably.

“We are very excited about having this distinguished author with us to discuss Mailer’s intriguing life,” said Sipiora. “You can’t get much closer to Mailer the man and the intellectual than being able to talk with someone who knows all of his work intimately and who knew Mailer for 35 years along with his widow, Norris Church. He also talked with all of Mailer’s ex-wives, his sister and all of his children. As Mailer enters the pantheon of America’s greatest writers, we really are privileged in a way that I hope everyone will appreciate.”

Sipiora has a recently released book of his own about Mailer, Mind of An Outlaw (Random House), a compilation of selected essays – among Mailer’s best.

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