2014 Membership Drive

In celebration of what would have been Norman Mailer’s 91st birthday, this e-mail officially kicks off the 2014 Norman Mailer Society Membership Drive. Membership in the Society runs from January 1 to December 31.


Sadly, The Society has seen a gradual decline in its Membership over the past four years. The heart of The Society is its Membership. The Society’s relevance and vibrancy depends on its Membership. You have a voice in the future of The Society. The Executive Board wants to hear your thoughts and your ideas on how it can make your membership more meaningful. Please send me your ideas and thoughts, and I will send them along to the Executive Board Members. If you have not been a member of The Society in the past few years, please reconsider. Please re-commit to helping The Society keep Norman Mailer’s legacy alive and vibrant and meaningful. Membership dues are as follows:

  • Student ($10)
  • Individual ($30)
  • Couple ($35)
  • Individual LIFE ($300)

A 2014 Membership Dues Form is attached. Please download it and follow the payment and mailing instructions. You can also download a Membership Dues Form (PDF) and send it in. Current Individual LIFE members need not complete a Membership Dues Form. You can also make payment through PAYPAL at <mailersociety [at] snet [dot] net>. A copy of the Eighth Issue of The Mailer Review comes with your 2014 membership. For more info, see Join.

Conference 2014

We are pleased to announce that the 2014 Norman Mailer Society Conference will be held in Wilkes-Barre, PA in October. Bonnie Culver and Mike Lennon are conference program co-chairs. Information regarding the conference is forthcoming.

David Light, Treasurer