From Bonnie Culver

Thursday welcome and registration begins at 4 p.m. to 5:30 in the Wilkes Ballroom at Gennetti’s hotel. Hot and cold “heavy” appetizers and a private bar set-up provided by the hotel and paid for by the Society.

We will sell books written by conference goers (books, etc. about Norman Mailer) at the registration table Friday and Saturday. We can only take cash and checks written to the author. No credit cards. Bring your books to the table. Chris Busa has generously donated the latest issue of Provincetown Arts to be sold to benefit the society.

The schedule in your conference packet is the final, official schedule, including room numbers, maps, etc. There have been multiple changes in the last few weeks to accommodate various requests. The schedule goes to print this week; therefore, we can accept no more requests at this time.

The Wilkes crew–Joyce, Dawn, Hillary, and I–are excited to share our campus with you. See you all in real time very soon.