NMS Podcast 28: Death Is A Celebration: An Audio Documentary about Tough Guys Don’t Dance

Part 1 of 10

In this 10-hour re-broadcast, host Justin Bozung, alongside his co-host Aaron Graham, offer up a exhaustive scene-by-scene examination of Norman Mailer’s 1987 film, Tough Guys Don’t Dance.  In addition to exploring several of the key themes in both Mailer’s film and Mailer’s own 1984 novel of the same name, this detailed audio essay on Mailer’s aesthetic approach to cinema, Reaganism, hedonism, and existential dread also features commentaries by Mailer Archivist/Biographer J. Michael Lennon, and Mailer’s son John Buffalo Mailer. Additionally, further insights in this special are provided by Tough Guys Don’t Dance film actors: Frances Fisher, Stephan Morrow, John Synder, John Bedford-Lloyd, Wings Hauser as well as several of the crew members that worked under Mailer to produce this ever-polarizing work of cinematic art that blends Shakespeare with Film Noir and The Theatre of the Absurd on the big screen all at once.