Conference Program, 2016

The 14th Norman Mailer Society Conference

Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ

monmouthcampusSeptember 29, 30 and October 1, 2016

  • Room 107, Room 108, Club Lounge and Club Dining Room are located in the Samuel Hays Magill Commons
  • Anacon B is located in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center
  • Wilson Auditorium is located in the Woodrow Wilson Hall


8:45-9:30: Business Meeting (Room 107)


  1. Panel: “Lipton’s”: Mailer’s Marijuana Journal: Justin Bozung, Nicole DePolo, Susan Mailer, Jason Mosser, Moderator: Michael Lennon (Room 107)
  2. Papers: “Mailer and Ty Cobb: Unnoticed Parallels”: William Thelin; “Reading Mailer Reading Miller,” James Decker; Moderator: Marc Triplett (Room 108)

11:00-12:00: Panel: Mailer and Picasso: Justin Bozung, Christopher Busa, Maggie McKinley, Moderator: Jackson Bryer (Room 107)

12:00-1:15: Lunch on Your Own (Box Lunches available/ pre-order only).  Box Lunch diners may use the Club Dining Room.

1:30-2:30: Papers: “Could an Author, Even Mailer, Be Mailer Today?”: Tim Lemire; “Mailer vs. Celebrity Culture”: Sal Fallica, Moderator: Denise Pappas (Room 107)

2:45-3:45: Panel: Long Branch History: Stan Blair, Randell Gabrielan, Melissa Ziobro, Moderator: Susan Goulding (Wilson Auditorium)


  1. Papers:  “Hippy and Hipster: Theology and ‘The White Negro,’” Bowen Alpern; “Mailer, the Beats, and Drugs: Raj Chandarlapty, Moderator: Philip Sipiora (Room 107)
  2. Panel: Remembering Muhammad Ali: Ron Fried, Bill Lowenburg, Michael Mailer, Moderator: John Buffalo Mailer (Room 108)

5:30-7:45: Dinner on Your Own

8:00-9:30: A Ticket to the Circus: A One-Woman Play by Bonnie Culver, performed by K. C. Leiber (Wilson Auditorium)


9:00-10:00: The Digital Mailer: Gerald Lucas (Room 107)

10:15-11:15: Panel: Putative Comments on the 2016 Election by the Late Norman Mailer: Gov. Neil Abercrombie, Peter Alson, Michael Mailer, Moderator: Mark Olshaker (Wilson Auditorium)


  1. Panel: Mailer and Bellow: Ezra Cappell (tentative), Alex Gilvarry, Maggie McKinley: Moderator:  Ron Fried (Room 107)
  2. Papers: “The American Existentialism of Norman Mailer”: Okla Elliott; “Mailer’s Reading of Capital as Fiction”: Erik Nakjavani, Moderator: Bonnie Culver (Room 108)

12:30-1:30: Lunch on Your Own. Boxed Lunch diners may use the Club Dining Room. Board Members will have a brief meeting during lunch in the Club Lounge

1:45-2:45: Panel: Children of Major Writers: Greg Bellow, Kaylie Jones, Susan Mailer, Moderator: Michael Lennon (Wilson Auditorium)


  1. Panel: Mailer’s Short Fiction:  Bonnie Culver, Joseph Lennon, Philip Sipiora, Moderator: Vic Peppard (Room 107)
  2. Panel: Mailer and Plastics: The Seer and the Scientist (based on the film, The Invisible Ocean): Robert Begiebing, Chris Busa (Room 108)

5:30-8:00: Dinner at Monmouth University (Anacon B)

8:15-9:15: Reading: Alex Gilvarry reading his forthcoming novel, Eastman Was Here, introduced by John Buffalo Mailer (Wilson Auditorium)

SATURDAY, October 1


  1. Papers: “The Naked and the Dead: Lost Illusions and Pessimism”: Alexander Hicks; “Mailer and Babel on Being Jewish,” Victor Peppard, Moderator: Mashey Bernstein (Room 107)
  2. Papers: “Mailer in the Classroom”: Matthew Hinton; “Violence, Style, and Pedagogy: Teaching Mailer in American Literature Courses”: Walter Lewallen; “Mailer as Playwright”: Timothy Nolan; Moderator: Nicole DePolo (Room 108)

10:15-11:15:  Readings from Mailer’s First (unpublished) Novel, “No Percentage”: Wilkes Readers Theatre: Bonnie Culver, Matthew Hinton, Caleb Sizemore, Hillary Transue, Ken Vose (Wilson Auditorium)


  1. Panel: The Castle in the Forest: Another Look: Robert Begiebing, Jacob Hebda, Joanna Poncavage, Moderator: John Winters (Room 107)
  2. Panel: Mailer and Photography: Dan Kramer, Larry Schiller, Moderator: Nina Wiener (Room 108)

12:45-3:00: Keynote Luncheon Address: “Mailer Roots in Long Branch”: Barbara Mailer Wasserman (Anacon B)

3:30-4:00: Visit to Mailer and Schneider family graves in Long Branch Cemetery. Mashey Bernstein Presiding