2017 Conference Program

Sarasota Holiday Inn Lido

The Lido Room is on the 1st Floor and the Sarasota Room is on the 7th Floor. Please note that presentations are limited to ten minutes.

Social media for the conference: Instagram: NormanMailerSoc; Twitter: @NormanMailerSoc; Hashtag: #MailerConf17

Thursday, October 26


Business Meeting (Sarasota Room); Minutes from 2016


Papers: Jason Mosser, “On Compiling a Selective Bibliography on ‘The White Negro.’”; Erik Nakjavani, “Boxing as Nonverbal Dialogic Discourse and Bantu Philosophy”; Moderator: Carol Holmes Alpern (Sarasota Room)


Plenary Panel: “Digital Mailer”: Gerald Lucas, Justin Bozung (Sarasota Room)


Lunch on Your Own

1:30-2:30 – Concurrent Sessions

(1) Papers: Enid Stubin, “The Sons and Daughters of Norman: A Celebration”; William Thelin, “The Role of the Biographer in Understanding Mailer”; Steve Marcus, “Martin, Norman and Me (Mailer and Buber)”; Andrew Gordon, “An American Dream and Herzog: Divorce and Madness”; Moderator Victor Peppard (Sarasota Room)

(2) Papers: Alexander Hicks, “Narrative Resolution in The Armies of the Night”; Walt Lewellan, “Hollywood and The Armies of the Night”; Kevin Power, “Morbid Symptons: Barbary Shore; Moderator”; Marc Triplett (Lido Room)


Papers: Rachel Tanski, “Subverting Film Noir Conventions in Tough Guys Don’t Dance”; Marlisa Santos, “Drinking and Dancing: Noir’s Legacy of Amnesia in Tough Guys Don’t Dance”; Ann Torrusio, “A Neo-noir Haunting: The Ghost of Chinatown in Tough Guys Don’t Dance”; Robert Singer, “Defective Detectives: Generic Tension in Beyond the Law”; Moderator Phillip Sipiora (Sarasota Room)


Papers: Jacqueline Smith, “Frustrated Male Desire in the Early Short Stories of Norman Mailer”; Valerie Lipscomb, “The Master Narrative of Age in ‘The Thalian Adventure’”; Mary Lynn Navarro, “The Cultural Context of Norman Mailer”; Moderator Jeanne Fuchs (Sarasota Room)


Welcoming Reception in Kokonuts Lounge


Dinner on Your Own

Friday, October 27


Plenary Panel. “Assessing Norman Mailer’s Legacy”: Maggie McKinley, J. Michael Lennon, Christopher Busa, Nicole DePolo, Robert Begiebing (Sarasota Room)


Plenary Panel. “Remembering Norman Mailer: Memorial Tributes”: The Wilkes Readers (Sarasota Room)


Plenary Panel. Mailer and Television: Justin Bozung, Mark Olshaker, Ron Fried, Michael Chaiken; Moderator: Ron Fried (Sarasota Room)


Lunch on Your Own
Board of Directors Meeting in Sarasota Room; Minutes from 2016

1:45-2:45 – Concurrent Sessions

(1) Papers. Madeline Gottlieb, “Herman Teppis and the Incestuous Fantasy: Exploring Complicated Relationships in The Deer Park”; Martha Heiser, “Experiencing Ambiguity: The Layered Destabilization of The Deer Park”; Elizabeth Ricketts, “Irish Characters in Mailer and Fitzgerald” Moderator: Phillip Sipiora (Lido Room)

(2) Panel. Of a Fire on the Moon. Salvatore J. Fallica, “The Interplay of Media Environments in Norman Mailer’s Of a Fire on the Moon”; Carol Holmes Alpern, “Those Fucking Astronauts”: Heroism and Disorientation in Of a Fire on the Moon”; Moderator: Justin Bozung (Sarasota Room)

3:00-4:30 – Concurrent Sessions

(1) Panel. Mailer & Didion: Maggie McKinley, Jason Mosser, Tim Parrish. Moderator: Ron Fried (Lido Room)

(2) Papers. Robert Begiebing, “Mailer and Jazz”: Jeanne Fuchs, “Existential Affinities: Mailer on Monroe”; Constance Holmes, “Mailer’s Favorite Women: Marilyn and Cherry”; Moderator: Mark Olshaker (Sarasota Room)


Dinner on Your Own


Plenary Panel. Forthcoming Books on Norman Mailer: Justin Bozung, Maggie McKinley, Susan Mailer; Moderator J. Michael Lennon (Sarasota Room)

Saturday, October 28


Papers. Jacob Hebda, “A Novel of Epic Proportions: Norman Mailer’s Ancient Evenings and the Epic Tradition”; Danny Marroquin, “Contemporary Writers Found in Mailer’s Armies: David Shields and Mary Gaitskill”; Ray Vince, “Hemingway—‘His Talent and His Dread’: Inner & Outer Landscapes of his Greatest Stories”; Moderator: Walt Lewallen (Sarasota Room)

10:15-11:15 – Concurrent Sessions

(1) Papers. Victor Peppard, “Mailer and Babel: The Jewish Connection and Beyond”; Alex Hicks, “Tough Guys as Hardboiled Noir”; Andrew Gordon, “An American Dream and Herzog: Divorce and Madness”; Moderator: Raymond Vince (Lido Room)

(2) Papers. James Taylor, “Norris Church Mailer in Eighteen Minutes”; Michael Chaiken, “The Papers of Bob Dylan”; Moderator: Jason Mosser (Sarasota Room)

11:30-12:30 – Concurrent Sessions

(1) Panel. The Mailer Review after Ten Years: Phillip Sipiora, Michael Shuman, Gerald Lucas, Shannon Zinck, Scott Neumeister; Moderator: Mark Olshaker (Sarasota Room)

(2) Papers. “Matthew S. Hinton, “The Unheard Echo: Mailers, Memoirs, and the Search for Political Tattoo”; Robert Francis Saxe, “Bitter Exhaustions of an Old Man and Cocky Arguments of a Bright Boy: Norman Mailer’s First Advertisement Predicts the Sixties”; Salvatore J. Fallica, “Norman Mailer and Celebrity Culture; or, ‘stepping into the war of the enormous present’”; Moderator: Nicole DePolo (Lido Room)


Keynote Luncheon Address: Colum McCann; Introduction: Susan Mailer
(Sand Dollar Room, 7TH Floor)