NMS Podcast 46: Mike Lennon on Dwight Macdonald

In Episode #46 of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung and Mailer’s archivist, official biographer, and president of the Norman Mailer Society, J. Michael Lennon, discuss Norman Mailer’s friendship with literary critic and essayist Dwight Macdonald. In 1974, Mailer wrote “Introduction” for Macdonald’s Discriminations: Essays & Afterthoughts. This brief consideration not only reads as an affectionate honorarium to Macdonald, whom Mailer first met in 1949, but also tells of the influence the former editor of Partisan Review had on Mailer himself. Both men share a varied attack on style, but also focus, in the vein of Hemingway, on a means in which one can explore the “feel” of phenomena.

Read Mailer’s Introduction to Discriminations.

Throughout the remainder of 2017, Lennon and Bozung will be examining Mailer’s introductions, forewords, and prefaces written for such luminaries as Seymour Krim, Michael McClure, Eugene Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman and others.