Lennon on Mailer & Malaquais

NMS Podcast 47

In this episode of the Norman Mailer Society podcast, host Justin Bozung talks with J. Michael Lennon about Norman Mailer’s friendship with French writer Jean Malaquais, who was one of the writer’s greatest influences.  Often Mailer’s harshest critic, Malaquais served up a partial inspiration for Mailer’s landmark essay, “The White Negro.” The pair had a falling out in 1994 following a joint appearance on a French television series – which is also excerpted in this special episode.

Read “My Friend, Jean Malaquais,” Mailer’s introduction to The Joker by Jean Malaquais.

Throughout the next few months, Lennon and Bozung will be examining Mailer’s introductions, forewords, and prefaces written for such luminaries as Seymour Krim, Michael McClure, Eugene Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman and others.