Beverly Bentley Obituary

A Memory by Michael Mailer I was at the Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany, of all places, when I heard the news that my mother, Beverly Bentley, was not doing well. She had been eating her mid-day meal at Seashore Point, an excellent assisted living facility in Provincetown, Massachusetts, when she turned slightly bluish. As…


Coming in Fall 2018: Revised Edition of Works and Days

“The veritable Rosetta Stone of Mailer criticism.” —Barry H. Leeds The Norman Mailer Society announces the publication of An Enlarged and Revised Edition of Norman Mailer: Works and Days   By J. Michael and Donna Pedro Lennon Preface by Norman Mailer Edited by Gerald R. Lucas Limited signature edition: 40 copies (signed by Norman Mailer*) $200…


54: Norman Mailer Talks At Harvard in 1967

Recorded on May 10th, 1967, Norman Mailer speaks out with a humorous candor against the Vietnam War and Lyndon Johnson; he lampoons the Harvard Crimson asking the question: “Where is America going?” Mailer also reads excerpts from “In The Red Light,” and “Superman  Comes To The Supermarket.” Play in new window | Download


53: Norman Mailer: Live from Philly 2007

In this piece of archival audio, Norman Mailer visits with an audience at the Central Library in Philly in 2007. For 60 minutes, Mailer chats about Hitler, television culture (his watching of American Idol), the Iraq War, Ernest Hemingway, and Bullshit Mountain. Mailer takes the audience through quite a range of contemporary discussion. Play…