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NM at the Hay Festival

The Hay Festival launches free podcasts — with literary greats such as Norman Mailer, Harold Pinter and Ted Hughes among the first available. Marshall Chilton writes: One of the curious benefits of the digital age is that it allows access to past treasures of culture. [. . .] In a free weekly podcast which you…

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Russian Spy

Lawrence Schiller writes: When I mention that I am here collaborating on a project with the American writer Norman Mailer, his face lights up. “Mailer!” he exclaims. “He is even in our KGB encyclopedia! This is a man who writes what he believes!” It doesn’t take much effort to get him to tell us the…

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Mailer Wins

Norman Mailer has been inducted into the Brooklyn Hall of Fame, thanks in no little part to Society members, I’m sure. As you can see by the final scores, Mailer led the pack with 709 votes — 19 more than Walt Whitman. They state: Over 4,000 votes were cast! They have been tallied and it…

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Mailer’s Final Gift

In The Daily Beast, Lawrence Schiller writes about Norman Mailer’s literacy legacy and the founding of the Norman Mailer Writers Colony at his home in Provincetown, MA. The article is as much about Mailer’s relationship with his friends and family and the house in Provincetown where they met in Mailer’s waning days as it is…

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Mailer’s 50th Bash

Bruce Klauber, writer and jazz musician, recounts Norman Mailer’s 50th birthday celebration in February 1973. He writes: Always the publicity hound, which is why Mailer was as much a “personality” as he was a writer, he decided in February of 1973 to throw himself a 50th birthday bash. But this would be no mere party.…

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Wasps & the Republicans

Blogger Andrew Seal considers his recent work with the Obama campaign compared to Mailer’s political analyses in Miami and the Siege of Chicago. Seal is interested in Mailer’s role as Teiresias, prophet of American democracy; thus his reading is examines Mailer’s predictions of Wasp power and the rise (and fall?) of the Republican party.