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Rebels Roused

Last October, at the Norman Mailer Center Benefit Gala in New York, Alec Baldwin, master of ceremonies, addressed a congregation of literary activists (including a few notable GQ contributors) with characteristic zeal. His message appeared simple. Follow the likes of Mailer, Muhammad Ali and Oliver Stone, and let your words change the world. But what…

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Beyond Apollo with Norman Mailer

On a brisk December day in 1972, the SS Statendam left New York Harbor with an extraordinary passenger list. Theoretical physicists, science fiction writers, a handful of paying passengers, a reporter from the New York Times, media personalities, and a couple of distinguished literary figures, including Norman Mailer. All were aboard for the ship’s destination, Cape Canaveral, to…

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Mailer in Creative Nonfiction

The latest issue of CREATIVE NONFICTION magazine (issue 39, fall 2010) features a special section on Mailer: an excerpt from THE EXECUTIONER’S SONG, and comments on Mailer’s nonfiction from Doris Kearns Goodwin, Lee Gutkind and J. Michael Lennon. There is also a notice about Larry Schiller and the Norman Mailer Colony.

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Ransom Center and Apollo 11

On the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, the Harry Ransom Center is sharing highlights of Norman Mailer’s research materials for his work “Of a Fire on the Moon,” a book that chronicles the journey to the moon.   To view some of the materials, visit the Harry Ransom Center.

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Summer of ’69

In The American Conservative, John Buffalo Mailer recounts how Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin, two non-professional politicians, tried to liberate NYC with their 1969 mayoral campaign: they squared off in the 1969 Democratic primary against four standard-issue liberals. (Pop quipped of one, “I can’t get a grasp on a mind this small.” His campaign manager,…