The Norman Mailer Society

A non-profit organization, the Society was founded in 2003 to celebrate Norman Mailer, author of 40 books and the chronicler of the American Century. It has approximately 300 members and meets annually for three days for panels, papers, films and informal discussion about the life, work and reputation of the late Mr. Mailer.

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Support our efforts by becoming a member, making a donation, or contributing to our community.

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The Mailer Review

The Mailer Review is a print journal published annually by the Norman Mailer Society and co-sponsored by the University of South Florida and The Norman Mailer Society.

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Project Mailer

Project Mailer serves as a hub for the digital endeavors of the Society. It features an overview of projects — both analog and digital — undertaken by the Society's members.

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Other Information and Projects

Many of the projects below are detailed on Project Mailer.

  • News

    Keep up to date with the latest news on Norman Mailer and the Society. Read More »

  • Works and Days

    The definitive primary bibliography of Norman Mailer’s publications and an overview of important biographical events in Mailer’s life. Research »

  • Conference

    Join us at our annual conference for paper presentations, panel discussions, film viewings, and more. Read More »

  • Podcast

    Listen and subscribe to the Norman Mailer Society Podcast, hosted by Justin Bozung. (Coming Soon.)

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info [at] normanmailersociety [dot] org