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Mailer and the Monoculture

Mailer and the Monoculture

More on the cancel Mailer controversy. “Mailer and the Monoculture” by Geoff Shullenberger considers “The White Negro” and its continued relevance:

“The White Negro” was an early shot fired in what we now call the culture war. It set the agenda for debates that persist to this day, albeit in sometimes unrecognizable forms. All of this makes Mailer’s posthumous cancellation a revealing incident.

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Mailer and the monoculture
On Jan. 3, journalist Michael Wolff reported that Random House was canceling the publication of an essay collection by the late Norman Mailer, which had been slated to mark the centennial of Mailer’s 1923 birth. A giant of American letters in his time, Mailer has disappeared from the cultural…