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Chris Pine Recommends Mailer

Chris Pine Recommends Mailer

In a recent interview in Esquire, Chris Pine discusses his “Norman Mailer phase” in discussing his book recommendations. He states:

I just went through a huge Norman Mailer phase. I read The Naked and the Dead, which he wrote when he was fucking twenty-five. His insight into the human mind and the psyche, and insight into a soldier, is profound. He definitely gilds the lily—sometimes you can really see him flexing his muscles. But God—I mean, a book about an unrequited homosexual love affair between a sergeant and a general in 1947, when the war's just ended? The fuck is that about? A complete existentialist takedown of war, the stupidity of war, sending men off to die for nothing. Fascinating.

He also talks about the imporance and brillance of The Executioner’s Song. Read the interview:

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