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The Reckless Truth-Teller

The Reckless Truth-Teller

The podcast Open Source “un-forgets” Norman Mailer on their latest episode “Norman Mailer Turns 100” with an interview of the editors of A Mysterious Country, J. Michael Lennon and John Buffalo Mailer. They write:

We are summoning Norman Mailer in his hundredth-birthday season, what could be his revival time, to tell us what happened to his country and ours. Mailer lived and wrote it all: 40 books of eagle-eyed fact and fiction. First as a soldier in the Philippines, in the 1940s; then: epic poet of the Sixties in America; eventually as a celebrity and popular artist of Duke Ellington or Frank Sinatra proportions.

Listen to the full episode on their site:

Norman Mailer Turns 100