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Mailer’s Last Days

Mailer’s Last Days

Today’s National Review has a dual review featuring J. Michael Lennon’s new memoir Mailer’s Last Days: New and Selected Remembrances of a Life in Literature and Richard Bradford’s new biography Tough Guy: The Life of Norman Mailer. Of the former, reviewer Robert Dean Lurie writes:

Mailer’s Last Days, a new volume of essays from his literary executor and authorized biographer, J. Michael Lennon, hews to the second objective. It’s a lovely blend of scholarly analysis with personal observation and fragments of memoir. The tone is affectionate, and the accretion of small but telling details provides a glimpse of the outsized legend operating at human scale.

Lurie’s review also covers some of the recent cancel Mailer brouhaha. Read the rest of the review:

Mailer’s Last Days? | National Review
We ought to welcome an inheritor, in the next literary generation, of Mailer’s best qualities.