Spirits They Can Live With

For the residents of Provincetown, Mass., the old Martin House conjures up a variety of impressions. Some see the shingled structure, built in 1750, as a place where fishermen once lived. Others identify it as the home of abolitionists. Still others will tell you it’s populated by ghosts.

And there are plenty who remember it as a restaurant and bar where Norman Mailer liked to sit at a table by the enormous hearth in the back, drinking and scribbling notes.

From Bonnie Culver

Thursday welcome and registration begins at 4 p.m. to 5:30 in the Wilkes Ballroom at Gennetti’s hotel. Hot and cold “heavy” appetizers and a private bar set-up provided by the hotel and paid for by the Society.

We will sell books written by conference goers (books, etc. about Norman Mailer) at the registration table Friday and Saturday. We can only take cash and checks written to the author. No credit cards. Bring your books to the table. Chris Busa has generously donated the latest issue of Provincetown Arts to be sold to benefit the society.

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