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Conference 2023: Call for Papers

Conference 2023: Call for Papers

The Norman Mailer Society invites paper proposals for its 20th annual conference, which will celebrate Norman Mailer’s centenary.

Paper proposals on any aspect of Mailer’s life, work, and legacy are welcome. Topics might include (but are not limited to): Mailer’s contributions to American political conversations; views on corporations and capitalism; gender; race; class; criminality; democracy; left conservatism; cosmology and spirituality; experimentations with genre and style; relationships or thematic parallels with other writers; reading Mailer in the context of #MeToo and contemporary feminisms; literary influences and inheritors; reconsiderations of individual works; and teaching Mailer.

To submit a proposal for a panel, individual paper, or special event, please e-mail the following to Maggie McKinley (mmckinle [at] harpercollege [dot] edu) and Jerry Lucas (gerald.lucas [at] mga [dot] edu):

  1. a 150-200 word abstract
  2. a 50-word biographical statement
  3. A/V requirements, if any

Proposals are due by December 1, 2022.